Prestige Gift

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo is proud to present its Prestige Gift as the original alternative for every occasion.

■ In a luxury box, wrapped in black fabric and hand-crafted, you will find a beautiful Original Graphic Works or Fine Art Photography in a convenient format of 37 x 30 centimeters (14.7 x 12 inches).

■ The work is done in limited edition, signed and numbered by a major artist with their respective Certificate of Authenticity. This case comes in a beautiful housing box.

 ■ Its elegant presentation makes it the ideal solution for occasions such as New Year gift, conventions, events, anniversaries, etc.

■ It is economical and easy transport as it can be sent by any courier and you can comfortably in the hand luggage.

■ Giving art is an elegant choice for quality and originality, it is an international language that differs from the routine gift.

■ The person who receives a good gift of art, will be pleasantly impressed and feel that is really estimated by who made such exquisite present.

■ By giving art you are projecting to their friends and customers a quality image, prestige and exclusivity. 

■ The price of the Original Graphic Work and Fine Art Photography can fit your budget, obtaining volume discounts.

■ The gift of art remains in time and stays as a valuable witness to passing of the years.

■ Visit Prestige Gift Collection, you will be able to choose among different titles and artists.