When you give away a present, you surely want to make an impression and make sure your gift lasts over time as a sign of your interest in that person. One of the gifts that meets these characteristics is the Gift of Art. The Gift of Art is a synonym for distinction, taste and originality.

At Centro de Arte Contemporáneo - Caracas we provide the best Original Graphics Works and Fine art Photography as the solution to your Art Gift.

The Personal Gift of Art

■ When you go to make a gift to a friend, relative, sibling or partner, you will cause a pleasant impression if you give a Original Graphic Work or a Fine Art Photography.

■ Original Graphic Work and Fine Art Photography can be given away in any special date: birthday, anniversary, wedding, mother day, etc.

■ Each Original Graphic Work and Fine Art Photography is delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity. All works not belonging to Prestige Gift Collection are delivered in one box with a beautiful label and lid with Velcro. To this end, it is important at the time of ordering that you specify which works are to give away.

■ Works belonging to Prestige Gift Collection, come in a special presentation in a luxurious case lined in black fabric, with its Certificate and an elegant housing.

■ For more information, visit The Prestige Gift.

The Corporate Art Gift

■ Original Graphic Work and Fine Art Photography are excellent options for professionals and companies seeking an original and elegant gift.

■ It is ideal for New Year gifts, conventions, company anniversary, foreign partners visitors or marketing strategy.

■ The budget fits your needs and you choose the Work and how many you want of each.

■ It is easy to handle and transport.

■ Offers excellent Price/Value ratio.

■ It is not subject to large purchases and you can choose different titles and formats.

■ Works belonging to Prestige Gift Collection come in a special presentation consisting in a luxury box wrapped in black fabric that comes in a stylish protecting housing.

■ For more information, visit The Prestige Gift.