Our Experience

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo is the answer to the interest of individuals and companies to come into contact with the world of art, specifically with the Limited Edition Graphic Work.

Our organization, backed by over 30 years of experience, has made a permanent, constant and sustained promotion of the original print of Venezuelan and Latin American artists in Venezuela and the world work. This has meant producing and distributing information material about the techniques, the artists and their work, participate in national and international fairs of art and achieve the presence of our works in private and public collections in virtually every continent.

Thanks to this effort and perseverance, we have developed a very important group of collectors, which gives the floor and support the continuity of our work.

Alongside the drawing and sculpture, Original Graphic Work is regarded worldwide as one of the most important expressions of the arts. In its development are used special papers with high cotton content, museistic inks that guarantee the permanence of the work and a handmade printing system. The Graphic Work can be made directly by the artist or in collaboration with a master printer under his supervision. After producing a limited amount, the artist numbers and signs each copy in order to grant the character of unique work.

One of the essential conditions for the valorization of the Original Graphic Work is that it is backed by an editor or prestigious gallery to ensure the authenticity, quality and accuracy of the number of copies of the edition. The Original Graphic Work is in constant valorization as can be seen in the extremely high prices reached in the famous international auction houses. This makes the Original Graphic Work one of the best choices when investing in a work of art.

Reiterating our commitment to the promotion of Venezuelan and Latin American artists, the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo has developed an extensive platform on the Internet with technological conditions so that, globally, any person or organization to enjoy and purchase works of our artists.

Our website aims also to display and eventually sell works inform in an entertaining way about the different techniques, the artists, the history of paper and other interesting topics.

We firmly believe that the Original Graphic Work in limited edition is a very real and effective way to democratize art. This means that both in Venezuela and in the world anyone can enjoy a good work of art at an affordable price.

We acknowledge the support of artists to our work in all these 30 years and we are confident that working together the Original Graphic and Fine Art Photography of Venezuela and Latin American will take outreach to new levels in the world.